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In addition to defining a brand, the Business Profiler serves as a guide for developing a C.A.S.E., i.e., Credibility, Awareness, Sales and Engagement. It also doubles as a short form business plan.

Your responses will ensure that we build a brand and develop a marketing or communications strategy that aligns with your vision, mission and stated goals. Keep it simple by responding in bullet form. 

For perspective on our approach, read Real FAQS about Business & Success: Otherwise, email: for access to your Profiler.

About Your Business

What is your VISION?

State your purpose
What is your MISSION?

Explain how you accomplish your purpose. Use at least two verbs and include how the business is managed.
What is your MOTTO?

Write a short, catchy phrase that summarizes the business vision and mission.
{{answer_16289903}}, what is the single most important thing that sets your business or product apart from the competition? *

Explain your competitive advantage and also your unique selling proposition (USP).

List at least three references who can attest to your value claims; one professional and two clients. Be sure to have contact information on file for each. Otherwise, no need to include here.
What are your 1 to 5-year objectives?

List goals, which must be accomplished to maximize the vision. Provide a “go-live” date next to each goal.
Create a single phrase SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats.

List leadership positions with corresponding titles.
Personal Profile

Provide a biography, resume, and/or summarize professional skills, experience and accomplishments. A website or LinkedIn profile, bio or an EPK suffices.
Business Biography

Explain why the business was established and how it has evolved.

What are the permissible implications of launching your business/product?

List income generators and the types of expenses the business has. Do not include figures. Also explain the billing process.
{{answer_16289903}} what is your budget for business marketing consulting? *


List databases, CRM platforms or processes that support your data, sales, communications and awareness efforts.

Describe the sociocultural and economic implications of launching your business or product.

This following questions will help define your primary, secondary and alternate target audiences. Responses to questions will also help map your marketing mix: productpriceplacement and promotion.

Explain your product value and benefits.

What will consumers gain or how they will benefit from your product? What is your value proposition?
About your brand

{{answer_16289903}} What are you branding? *

If different from your company, what is your product brand name?

What is your brand mission? *

What are your brand values and what do you want your brand to ultimately be and do?
How do customers perceive (think or feel about) your brand?

Write N/A if you've never surveyed or garnered feedback from your customers.
Which of the following images best describes your brand personality?

If your brand were a person, which word cloud would best describe them?

Which of these colors best represent your brand?

Which font best matches your brand?

Defining your target market

If you are B2B, respond based on the end user or the senior-most decision maker.
Who are your primary competitors? *

Include competitor URLs, if any.
{{answer_16289903}}, are your target customers male or female? *

How old are your target primary and secondary customers? *

What is your primary customer's socioeconomic status? *

How will customers find or learn about your brand or product? *

Known as the "marketing mix," which of the 4Ps are likely to influence your customers' buying decision the most? *

{{answer_16289903}} what else can you share about your customers? *

Describe their values and their decision-making process.
Contact Info

{{answer_16289903}}, what is your last name? *

What is your title?

Preferred contact number *

Include your area code.
Mailing Address *


List all social media handles or online platforms

Do you have any additional service needs?

Feel free to provide additional details or make comments/requests.

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